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15.2 Zanderworkshop/3rd EPFC Workshop

Termin: 14. Oktober 2014
Uhrzeit: 12.00 hr bis 18.00 Uhr
Ort: EAS 2014, Room "Ensayos 2" Donstia-San Sebastian, Spain
Sprache: Englisch


  1. Registration and ICE BREAKER
  2. Opening And Welcome
  3. Genetic Imrovement Approaches in Percid Fish
    a. Selective Breeding of Fish for Dummies
    b. Design of a practical Breeding Program for Pikeperch
    c. DIVERSIFY project ad pikeperch-related activities
    d. An Introduction to the MBRIC infrastructure project proposal
    e. A Cost Action Proposal to Provide a Meeting Point for European Initiatives on Emerging Aquaculture Species
  4. Development of Commercial Percid Culture - Country Experieces
    a. New Percids Hatchery: Project PERCAFRANCE
    b. Perch Productio in Ireland, a success, but what next?
    c. Is Turkey a Good Place to Produce Pikeperch?
  5. Summary and Closing of the Workshop