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Über uns--Ziele :: KNAQ S-H
You are here: KNAQ SH - Über uns - Ziele


  • KNAQ is a supportive structure for the sustainable development of aquaculture in the federal state Schleswig-Holstein
  • it is committed to the principles outlined in the state aquaculture strategy (Strategie zur Entwicklung einer nachhaltigen Aquakultur in Schleswig-Holstein) und supports its implementation
  • it recognizes the innovative and less established types of aquaculture, as outlined i.a. in various federal and state level strategy processes (e.g. biotechnology, biomass, energy, agriculture, maritime spacial planning, environmental protection)
  • KNAQ is a plattform for technology transfer between industry and science in SH
  • KNAQ is independent, interdisciplinary, inclusive and stakeholder oriented


Since March 2014, the federal state Schleswig-Holstein is the first to possess a state-wide strategy for the sustainable development of aquaculture. The strategy was published by the SH minister for aquaculture Habeck after extensive stakeholder consultations, including KNAQ.

The strategy document can be downloaded here (German language only).