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Continuation of Competence Network Aquaculture

Second project phase of Competence Network Aquaculture of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein [Kompetenznetzwerk Aquakultur des Landes SH]

  • 01. May 2016 till 31. April 2019 (3 years)
  • Funded by EMFF and the federal state Schleswig-Holstein
  • project coordinator: Chamber of Agriculture [Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein]
  • ongoing cooperation between KNAQ and the National Competence Center for Marine Aquaculture, coordinated by GMA, is specified in a cooperation contract.


KNAQ shall promote economic activities in the aquaculture sector in Schleswig-Holstein, especially by means of attracting new business operations and providing support for existing SMEs. KNAQ focusses on increased production from Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS).



  • KNAQ is a supportive structure for the sustainable development of aquaculture in Schleswig-Holstein
  • It is bound to the principles laid down in the "Strategy for development of sustainable aquaculture in Schleswig-Holstein" [„Strategie zur Entwicklung einer nachhaltigen Aquakultur in Schleswig-Holstein“] in its latest edition and it supports its implementation
  • it acknowledges the innovative fields of aquaculture which are dealt with in other federal state or federal governmental strategy processes (e.g. biotechnology, biomass, energy, agriculture, maritime economy, environmental protection)
  • KNAQ is a plattform for technology transfer between industry and science in Schleswig-Holstein
  • KNAQ is independent and works interdisciplinary, inclusive and stakeholder oriented
  • Participation in KNAQ is free of charge and open for all professional institutions, entities and individuals
  • KNAQ uses its contact to SMEs, academic institutions and other entities in Schleswig-Holstein to pave the way for more aquaculture production and value in Schleswig-Holstein
  • in order to realize this, KNAQ is also active in public relations and technology transfer

Work packages

WP1:    Network

  1. Regular thematic workshops
  2. New network member from various stakeholder affiliations
  3. Communication within the network
  4. Networking across the nation and EU-wide

WP2:    Increased aquaculture production in SH

  1. License & permission process guidance
  2. Site preparation and business acquisition
  3. Production site marketing

WP3:    Technlogy transfer and innovation

  1. Acquisition of technology transfer projects
  2. Support in knowledge transfer

WP4:    Public relations

  1. Positive stimulation of public perception
  2. Communication on the added values of sustainabel aquaculture
http://www.lksh.deLandwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein

Die Landwirtschaftskammer SH ist eine Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts. Ihr Sitz ist in Rendsburg. Sie versteht sich als unabhängiger Dienstleister für die Land- und Forstwirtschaft, den Gartenbau, die Fischerei und den ländlichen Raum in Schleswig-Holstein. Ihre Fachkompetenz bietet sie Vereinen und Verbänden im Agrarbereich zum Nutzen ihrer Mitglieder und den politischen Institutionen als Grundlage für Entscheidungs- und Entwicklungsprozesse an.