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How to become active in KNAQ

The network is open for all committed individuals and institutions. Participation is free of charge and obligation and possible at any time.

Currently, it is not possible for individuals and/or institutions of foreign nationality or residency to become active participants in KNAQ. But you are still free to subscribe to our Newsletter service and to participate in our events.

German nationals/residents and institutions located in Schleswig-Holstein please refer to the German language version of this text for further information on how to become an active participant.


The network consists of more than 900 members:

  • Fish farmers and other producers
  • Companies from up and down the value chain
  • Universities and research organizations
  • Associations and NGOs
  • Business developers and funding agencies
  • Ministries, agencies and authorities
  • Media and press
  • Private citizens

For further details please refer to our "Stakeholder" overview site.