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The Competence Network Aquaculture (Kompetenznetzwerk Aquakultur, KNAQ) is the supportive stakeholder network for the aquaculture competence center of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein. KNAQ is a project coordinated by the Chamber of Agriculture of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein. It provides structural support and individual consultancy for the development of aquaculture in Schleswig-Holstein based on our development strategy.

The competence center is the umbrella under which the leading research and development institutions of Schleswig-Holstein have joined forces to promote scientific excellence and the development of cutting edge technology in the field of aquaculture.

As an outcome of this initiative, the Association for Marine Aquaculture (Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur, GMA) in Büsum ( was founded and a professorship for marine aquaculture was installed at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (CAU;