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Consultancy service for career changers

The Competence Network Aquaculture offers consultancy services for career changers with a background in agriculture and other sectors. Schleswig-Holstein has a lot to offer to everyone seeking to start-up an aquaculture operation. Especially the production of fish and other sea food products in closed recirculation systems is considered an economically and ecologically feasible type of production that fits very well to this region. Starting up such an operation requires (1) access to space and (2) finance, (3) an adequate scale of production, (4) skills and expertise as well as (5) access to market(s). Addressing these five requirements are the first step into the business and therefore the guidance for the first level of consultancy provided by us. This service is part of the consultancy portfolio provided by the Chamber of Agriculture of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein. This service is free of charge for all interested professionals with a current and/or future residency in Schleswig-Holstein. Consultancy can be provided in German and English language. Please do not hesitate to contact the KNAQ coordination office today.