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Challenges and Opportunities in Marine Biotechnology - Research and Development in Europe

Wissenschaftszentrum, Kiel, Germany17-18 December 2015

Marine biotechnology is being recognized as an outstanding research area that can contribute significantly to the well-being of the society and the European bioeconomy. The recently established GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology (GEOMAR-Biotech) at Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel cordially invites you to participate the symposium that will highlight the promising potential of marine bioresources and small-molecule marine natural products for research, biotechnological and other applications.

The conference will feature prominent experts from academia and industry, complemented by statements from politics and society with a shared interest in marine biotechnology. The second day of the symposium is dedicated to the official opening the GEOMAR-Biotech to showcase the laboratories and on-going marine biotechnology research therein. The symposium aims enhancing the awareness for Blue Biotechnology and highlight trends and approaches for innovative uses of marine resources and their chemical components as well as for tackling the main issues such as access, supply issue and rapid development into products.

Junior scientists and graduate students will be able to present their work in poster format and interact with the invited top scientists and other guests.

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